Friday Fun: Windows and Doors

I’ve always believed in keeping windows curtainless (so you can admire the view) and doors open (so that friends can come in at any time). Some of the incarnations of doors and windows below take this to a whole new level, but I have to admit I dream about owning something like this…

Art nouveau door in Paris, from
Stained glass beauty, from Explorers Club on Pinterest.
Terrace in an island house in Greece, from Architectural Digest.
Laucala Island, Fiji, from
Pool house desinged by Luigi Rosselli, from
Six Senses resort in Vietnam, from
Anne Hepfer Lake House in Canada, from House Beautiful.
All-white restful bedroom, from Daily Dream Decor.
Japanese Tea House window, picture credit Andy Serrano, from Deviant Art.

18 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Windows and Doors”

    1. I always thought of art nouveau or Jugendstil as uncluttered and simple, but maybe that’s because I was comparing it with the predominantly Baroque/Rococo style of Vienna.

  1. Oof, oof, oof. Apart from white bedroom (brr) and pool house (claustrophobic) all the rest had me salivating with desire and wanting to teleport. The art nouveau door made my hands itch to stroke it, and as for the stained glass, spending days in light filled bliss bathing in coloured dappling light ooh , ooh. I think I need to sit in one of the water view delights to calm down. Wonderful Friday Fun, thank you

    1. Ah, maybe I should have found a different view of the pool house, because it looks like a moat around a castle, not all that claustrophobic. The picture does not do it justice. Ah, yes, I would just love to have those views! It puts me in a summer holiday mood just thinking of them.

    1. A friend of mine had a stained glass side window (put in by the previous owner) and it flooded the hallway with beautiful light. A huge hit with my kids when we went to visit!

  2. What a lovely feeling of air and light, Marina Sofia! I love it. I’m especially partial to the one in Vietnam – so warm and inviting, and yet so bright and airy. Oh, but how distracting for a writer!

  3. someone in our village has just had a house built which is mainly glass. Problem is we can see straight into their rooms – they get no privacy at all and yet they have no view onto anything gorgeous. Just a wall and then the road.So a most peculiar design idea.

  4. Like those doors and the Greek terrace over the beautiful sea.
    I love the open spaces, the sea, sky.
    However, I live in New York City where every building is practically on top of other buildings. So my views are brick walls and I have to have shades for privacy.
    Would that I lived near the sea or woods with no close neighbors, then I could open up the windows and doors.

  5. I didn’t even notice the Japanese tea house. Beautiful. I would love to look at that scene every day. It would bring tranquility and calmness.

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