Friday Fun: Summery Dream Homes

Summertime… and the reading and writing would be easy in any of these houses … and glamorous. Whether permanent fixtures, or perhaps holiday homes, who could resist any of these?

Garden glory, from Zsazsa Bellagio on Tumblr.
Typical French villa with garden, from Pinterest.
Breakfast on the balcony, anyone? From Pinterest.
Another french beauty, in Grasse, from
For those in desperate need of additional space, here is a conservatory to consider. From Pinterest.
Meanwhile, for those happy with a smaller conservatory, from


29 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Summery Dream Homes”

    1. In theory, they are gorgeous. In practice: too hot in summer, too cold in winter. Or maybe that’s just my small, non-insulated, modest conservatory.

      1. *Sigh* I know. For once I tried not to think of how hot/cold they could be or what a bother it must be to wash the windows.
        Why are beautiful things often impractical? (shoes are the best example)

  1. It isn’t a question of ‘who could resist any’ it’s more ‘who could resist all of them as a job lot’. Perhaps its just as well it has to remain a theoretical choice. If I could make a real one it would be excruciating.

    You did us proud with this selection MarinaSofia, except you have shown me how greedy I could be given half a chance. Glorious, each and every one

      1. Well, as there is no way I could buy any of these delectable must haves I can probably put in offers for ALL, knowing full well no one will accept any offer I could make. Unless an owner or their agent is remarkably compassionate and generous towards those of us unable to afford 6 figure plus asking prices!

  2. I think it would be the typical french villa for me because it’s a bit more home-like. I mean it’s not like my home I hasten to add but it’s not as grand as the others. In terms of writing I’m not good in grand places because I just sit there and gawp and drool and it’s fatal …

  3. These are all so lovely, Marina Sofia! Hard to choose….but if anyone needs me I”ll be in that lovely conservatory from satisfyingplace.

      1. I know what you mean, but doing it yourself brings a great deal of pleasure. I just picked about 3 dozen huge beautiful peaches off of one of my fruit trees and it made all the difference knowing that I had grown them. At the moment, dozens of Amaryllis lilies are blooming which is something I look forward to each year. I plan it so that something is always blooming or producing.

  4. You all can have the big fancy houses. I’ll just take the oceanfront home we had in NC which was sold when my grandfather died. It was a lovely Victorian two story home with a nice garden (flowers and kitchen) in the back and a one minute run across the wooden walkway to the beach. The walkways are to conserve and protect the dunes. Sigh. I wish we still had it. I’d live there 365.

    1. That actually sounds like a complete dream! The truth is, my needs are very modest indeed (and will be even more so once the boys leave home). But a place by the sea or on a mountain with a garden…

      1. Yes ma’am. Just large enuff for me, a few cats, a few thousand books, a warehouse of cooking equipment and the constant swell and sigh of the ocean. And a garden big enough to put away stuff by canning and pickling and preserving…simple and modest indeed.

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