Friday Fun: Hiding in the Forest

For those days when you just need to go off-grid and get away from it all, here are some dream-like cabins in the woods. (Appropriately enough, following my review of Do You Hear Me yesterday, which also takes place in a forest, although under less pleasant circumstances.)

Winter cabin, with heating (one assumes), from Bookends and Daisies on Tumblr.
Rather grander modernist interpretation of isolated cabin, from Cuded Art Design. Not off grid.
A place inspired by native huts, to dream away your worries, from Bridge and Burn on Tumblr.
I can never say no to Japanese tea houses, even if they are not all that remote. From
Cabin for a romantic rendezvous, from Cabanes de Salagnac in France.
Sculptural cabin designed by Sergio Gomez.
Tree houses or houses on stilts will never cease to appeal, from Sky with lemon website.

38 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Hiding in the Forest”

  1. I love the second one although I’ll need those windows to darken at night so as not to be woken at dawn, and a huge injection of cash into my back account of course!

  2. One of the things I adore about my home is that it is off the grid… not everyone’s cup of tea but suits me more than I could imagine. A long way from L.A., San Francisco and N.Y.C. or other places I have lived. I do consider myself most fortunate.

    1. That does sound quite idyllic… When I was younger, I was such a city girl – the bigger the better. I adored London, Paris, NYC, Tokyo. But now I crave a remote nook – although perhaps within a decent commuting distance to a cultural capital.

      1. There are a few cities about 30km away and Barcelona is just over a two hour drive or one could take the train… London is less than 2 hours from the Carcassonne airport which is fine for a weekend and many other fascinating cities are not all that far away. Nice post!

  3. Oh, these are all so appealing, Marina Sofia! And a getaway sounds lovely. Hmmm…I think my choice would be that treehouse, but they’re all terrific.

  4. Oooh, the first one and the Japanese one are most appealing – but any would do, as long as they’re well heated in the the winter and well-stocked with books and food in case of getting snowed in!

  5. Hah hah, I see Karen has exactly the same choice – perhaps we could do a time share, and even offer each other a pot of tea as the tea house arriver and the tea house departer do some meeting and greeting. The same with the winter house – but, perhaps, a tot of whisky and a toasted , buttered crumpet, over the log fire which someone has helpfully chopped a lot of logs for

  6. Hmm… all gorgeous but all that greenery makes me think… insects! Urgh! So I’ll go for the snowbound one – I’m more of a snuggler than a hiker…

  7. I like the top one, too. But any isolated spot with trees around and a nice view, not too exposed, with a way to make tea, have snacks and read would be fine with me.

    1. It probably wouldn’t be half as tempting in summer. I did stay once with some friends at a hut like that in the Bernese Oberland and it was great fun (although washing in melted snow was a bit of a problem).

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