The Male of the Species Is Far Deadlier than the Female

Helicopters in Nantes

Cape Town microclimates

violent real estate in Big Apples the world over

Afghan by night he wanders

from one gentrified neighbourhood to slums

crime with a view

he talks about eternal objects of desire

he steals, scrounges, prostitutes self and others

to be talked about

to be successful.


It’s the hommes who are fatales.


He cannot move beyond his appointed place

his background checks

respect the rules of the universe you are in

don’t test the elasticity of frontiers

this is his kryptonite

or your turn of the dime

when we lunge at monsters we will find

not many imaginary ones among them.

our lives all repetition


transcription of past conversations


what a piddling bore

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30 thoughts on “The Male of the Species Is Far Deadlier than the Female”

  1. Oh, this is potent, Marina Sofia! It really does capture the essence of what that sort of person is like. Fascinating and scary….

    1. I had one image in my mind as I was writing this but then, when I was rereading and editing, a completely different image emerged, so it’s a mish=mash.

      1. I’ll bet. I suppose you did. Here in the south we often use the word, trifling. I prefer nugatory myself. But when I get really upset about something, piddling is perfect!!! 🙂

  2. I couldn’t agree more! . I especially like the lines:
    ‘when we lunge at monsters we will find
    not many imaginary ones among them’.

    1. But sometimes our fears are greater than the reality too. So I think I was trying to get at both of these issues. Whether I succeeded or not is of course an entirely different matter…

  3. I suppose it’s all that testosterone that has to be channeled somewhere and often trouble looms to be repeated when guys are young and don’t have the intellectual capacity to make better choices. Ugh!

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