Friday Fun: Writers at Work

We can never have too many pictures of writers’ desks, can we? As I prepare for an intense week of writing and thinking about poetry in Wales, here are some voyeuristic peeks into writers’ studies.

Michael Connelly at work in sober environment, with no window to distract him. From his Facebook page.
Thomas Mann was clearly influenced by Baroque German university libraries.
Will Self seems to be devoted to post-it notes, from
Windows are a bonus for those who are not easily distracted, like Ryan Moore. From Pinterest.
Apparently, this is a writer’s retreat you can rent out, from Office Snapshots.
I rather like the feminine touches of this environment, from another2bohemians on Tumblr.
This is a public library, but I just love that writing space. From Fonthill Castle Library in Pennsylvania.

33 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Writers at Work”

  1. Ms Self is extremely organised with those post-its. It makes me want to know what’s on them. Given the choice, I’d plump for Ryan Moore’s but I’ll bring my own chair!

  2. Fab blog post I adore the last two, although I would rather fancy a beach and a cold beer if I ever decided to put pen to paper 🙂

  3. Michael Connelly looks like he’s punishing himself 🙂 Books and post-its would distract me no end, whereas Ryan Moore’s greenery wouldn’t (the writer’s retreat is cool too but … a bed?

    1. But maybe that’s why Connelly is so productive?! I think that’s the case with most writing retreats: you have your own room to sleep in with a desk to write on, but can also wander about outside. It might lead to some naps, but then you have to tell the others what you’ve done during the day…

      1. Tentation to nap is stronger with extreme weather – like our Roman heat wave now, but also if it’s cold and you want to get under the covers 🙂 Having to report on one’s writing would be helpful …

  4. Oh, these are lovely, Marina Sofia!! My choice is that writer’s retreat – so beautiful and peaceful-looking. But they’re all great.

    1. There is a bit of a danger with that retreat. Maybe I also need someone to knock regularly at the door and say: ‘Wakey-wakey! How much have you written?’

    1. Thanks for the tip! I’d certainly love to visit that – but sadly, it’s at the other end of Wales… However, I will be stopping at Gladstone’s Library, which I’ve had my covetous eye on for quite some time now.

  5. Lovely pics as ever. Ryan Moore’s study gets my vote. Then again, it would be so tempting to just step outside for a quick walk in the woods…

  6. I’m joining Jacqui with Ryan Moore. Not to mention the walk in the woods. I would carefully avoid Will Self, Mann and Connolly. And perhaps, after the walk in the woods find myself ready for the retreat bed and a little snooze…….

  7. I love the public library in Pennsylvania. It reminds me a great deal of the tiny library in tiny Byrdstown, TN. That table looks as if it has been royally used!

  8. I like Ryan Moore’s, the one from Office Snapshots and the library at the bottom of the photos. Just to work at a desk and see nature would be ideal to me. I see bricks, concrete, a tiny bit of sky and no trees or plants, except my one big plant in the window.

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