Friday Fun: Roof Gardens

As the climate grows hotter and drier in summer, soon all of our gardens may face the same challenges as these roof gardens. But aren’t they dreamy, especially in the summer heat?

For the spatially challenged: you don’t need acres to create a cosy paradise. From Shoot Gardening.
Zen atmosphere to compliment your penthouse suite, from
RHS Gardening site is proud to present this roof garden in Jellicoe.
A more ambitious project designed by London Roof Garden company, although not in London, methinks.
Social housing does not preclude roof gardens, as this example from Ivry sur Seine shows.
But let’s face it, in London it is more commonly the domain of the rich and privileged, as this Roof Gardens Bar featured in Time Out proves.
Roof top gardens in the Rockefeller Centre, from Inhabitat.


14 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Roof Gardens”

  1. For personal use I’d take the Zen atmosphere (for when I get my penthouse). You haven’t included it (perhaps because it is more a terrace than a garden) but for gatherings it’s hard to beat the rooftop of Carmelite House in London.

  2. A delight, but architects have to engineer/structure for the extra weight and water, or not the building could be in danger of collapsing in the long run – as a 7 floor residential condominium did in Rome along the Tiber last year….

  3. The Zen atmosphere appeals to me though it might involve a lot of use of the watering can. The social housing one is a great idea – they could take it a bit further and make it a mini allottment so growing fresh food for the tenants.Now wouldnt that be something special??

  4. These are all so lovely, Marina Sofia! I’m especially drawn to the Zen garden, but they’re all beautiful.

  5. I love roof gardens, too! And they don’t have to be on the roof. I once ate lunch in a building where a whole floor opened up as a garden level. It surrounded the building on all sides, and offered just that.

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