Friday Fun: Japanese Gardens

As autumn draws near, can there be anything more beautiful than Japanese maples bringing colour and balance to the calm contemplative harmony of a Japanese garden?

The Storrier Stearns Japanese Garden in LA, from
Gate to beautiful mysteries, from Pinterest.
The glory of autumnal colours, from Peter Toshiro on Flickr.
Simple, easy-gardening style from You Tube. The cat approves of the lack of lawn-mowers.
Garden in Kyoto from William Corey Gallery.
There is even a Japanese Garden Design School, and this is from their website.
There is nothing more beautiful than the sight and smell of rice paddies after the wet season; this one reminds me of them, from Shiro Nakane City Limits.

25 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Japanese Gardens”

    1. I remember going to a botanical garden in Japan and finding … well, European gardens and plants there being displayed as exotic. Really brought home how ethnocentric we are.

  1. Oh, my, Marina Sofia, these are gorgeous! They’re all so lovely that I think I’d want to visit each one of them and linger. Please don’t ask me to choose…

  2. There is a Japanese garden tucked away here in Cornwall. It is simply beautiful. The tranquillity is astounding. I’m hoping to visit again in autumn.

  3. I loved this post!! I wrote a short story several years ago that included a Japanese Garden in the city of Mobile, Alabama during WWII. I had so much fun writing it and seeing this post makes me want to create a novel out of it. Thank you for posting!

  4. Every single one, every single one. Even my least favourite, though still stunning, gained impeccable factors by being favoured with a resident cat, so I might have to spend the longest time there

  5. Many years ago I attended a tea ceremony in a Japanese garden in London, and I still remember the thoughtful process involved, sitting (my western knees don’t do long term kneeling) in a beautiful setting & receiving tea in the time honoured manner. But then I’m also the sort of person who at home always makes tea (of any sort) with leaves in a teapot in my own version of a ‘tea ceremony’ 🙂

    1. I know what you mean. And there are times when I prefer the unkempt, wild gardens (mine certainly is veering in that direction). But I can also do with a little tranquil spot like this.

  6. I used to live across the street from the Brooklyn Museum, and next to it, the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. Inside the gates and not too far a walk was a Japanese garden with a bridge and little house. On Sundays, I would walk over there and walk around and felt so tranquil.

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