Friday Fun: Italian Villas on the Lakes

Northern Italy may not always have the best weather, but the region of the lakes surrounded by mountains has always been popular with the wealthy Milanese and the rich from other European countries as well. Nowadays it seems to be THE spot for weddings and honeymoons. I’m trying to prolong the summer and keep the tone light with some of my favourite villas on Lake Como. However, my thoughts are with my friend Ilaria living in Livorno in Tuscany, where they’ve had severe flooding this past week.

Villa on Lake Como from travelocafe.
Villa on Lake Como where Verdi was a guest, from Lombardia Beni Culturali.
Villa Maria and its magnificent greenhouse fell into ruin at some point, photo by Friedhelm Thomas.
It has now been restored to its former beauty, photo Nicola Guarisco.
The gardens of Villa d’Este, from
Villa Melzi, from
Villa Sola Cabiatia from


30 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Italian Villas on the Lakes”

  1. Oh, these are all so lovely, Marina Sofia! Absolutely gorgeous! That first one on Lake Como is just calling to me…

  2. I like the colour of the first one. Sometimes it’s hard to accept that these spectacular estates fall into ruin. I always wonder why someone doesn’t care enough. You’d think just investment-wise someone would care.

      1. I read a non fiction book about Venice and in one section the American heirs had split a palazzo into smaller sections. By this time, I can’t remember how many generations on, they’d all spent the money and couldn’t afford to replace the windows.

  3. I’m sure all us with the yen for the ruined greenhouse will graciously share its delectable, mouldering melancholy. I bet it smells fabulously loamy and world of faerie, too.

        1. No, it’s more the inefficiency and bureaucracy of the creaking public system in Italy that would drive me crazy. I’ve lived with something similar in Romania and it just drains you of all your energy.

    1. I would be happy with just a little cottage, no need for opulence amidst all that splendor of nature.
      I’m sure all of those old villas are money pits, costing a fortune to repair, update, refurbish, so no wonder some just decay.
      And so where’s George Clooney’s villa on Lake Como? That’s what I’d like to see.

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