Friday Fun: Farmhouses Around the World

It’s harvest time, so my thoughts turn naturally to the farming communities. My farming ancestors would have felt right at home in some of these houses, and probably hopelessly intimidated by some of the others.

French peasant house, from
Farmhouse from the Pays de Gex on the Franco-Swiss border. from
Italian farm, now holiday villa, from
Traditional Japanese farm buildings, from
Wooden farmhouse in England, from
Traditional peasant cottage from Madeira, from Pinterest
German farmhouse from the Wolfegg Museum.
Farmhouse very similar to my grandmother’s old house, from Village Museum in Bucharest, Romania.
Another typical German farmhouse, from Schwaben, from Wolfegg Museum
And the Swiss of course top the chalet look! From Pinterest.
American farmhouse, from The Plan Collection.


24 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Farmhouses Around the World”

      1. Of course we could. Especially if it means we can tempt the present owner with two places to stay in the UK. I think we will do rather well – am I not right in thinking you prefer milk choc and I only eat 70% plus, so even our secret stashes will be safe…..

    1. My grandmother would have been proud: although what the picture doesn’t show is the earthen floor, the cesspool toilet in the back garden, the oil lamps (electricity wasn’t introduced until the 1970s) and the endless trips to the well to fetch buckets of water (no running water either).

  1. Oh, these are all lovely, Marina Sofia. I’m especially drawn to the Italian one, but I love that Japanese one, too. Decisions, decisions!

  2. I’m torn between that Hansel and Gretel style one from Madeira and the German farmhouse – but will only take the latter if the cute geese are in occupation too

  3. I’d like to send you a photo ( but how ??) of our farmhouse in South Burgundy , a bit like the “Pays de Gex” one but larger. No way we will find similar in the UK :-((

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