Friday Fun: Abandoned Beauties

It must be expensive to maintain manor houses and I’m sure we’ve all got better things to spend our money on, but my heart still cries out for these abandoned beauties. Like gracious old ladies, forgotten by family and friends.

Before and after picture of mansion from Niajeros del Misterioes.
Abandoned plantation home Bellegrove, from Historic Structures.
Chateau in France, from Pinterest.
Staircase in a mansion in Oppburg, former DDR. From Maestro Photography.
Another stunning staircase from Beautiful Portals on Tumblr.
This is what I imagined Tara to look like (in Gone with the Wind). From Pinterest.
Taunton State Hospital in Massachusetts from
Another American house boarded up, from



18 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Abandoned Beauties”

  1. Oh what a lovely post. Each wall of each building has thousands of stories to tell. How delicious and those stairs… I do love the analogy of the forgotten ladies. Thank you.

  2. Oh, those have such potential to be gorgeous, Marina Sofia! If I had the means, I’d love to fix up that chateau in France – what a beauty!

  3. I’m with Jacqui. Those staircases, particularly the second. Mind you…..I’d be very scared when darkness fell. I’m sure there would be rustlings, creakings, and probably….the sound of breathing WHICH ISN’T MINE. It would be fine if it just turned out to be Jacqui, but I’d probably be too frozen with terror to say ‘Jacqui is that you?’ And what if it wasn’t…….

  4. In the UK, grand houses & castles have come & gone through out history – the scant remains of very many still linger in fields among the sheep & cows, as well as in surprising locations in towns & cities (eg in modern housing estates!). Although within living memory (of some) is the early 20th Century abandonment of many fine dwellings following the financial crash, the post-wars shortage of labour , and the imposition of Death Duties tax. Luckily for those interested in such buildings, organisations such as the National Trust & English Heritage (& some families etc) have preserved & opened to visitors many that would have otherwise perished.

  5. I share your sentiment for the loss of these sometimes magnificent pieces of architecture. Now too expensive to maintain for there is not much ‘old money’ left. Yet, the ‘new money’, the new corporate wealth, maybe have to hide their opulence in more subtle ways; less visible places.

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