Not You Too

Not you two…


The wedding goers run to spread,

Middle-grooved, life-burnt, ambitions pinched.

They remember you reed-like, proud.

The tallest, the thinnest, the broadest of smiles.

Twin souls, all that gaff which you too

You two


No one knew how compromise was already sewn tight

In hems, cross-stitch of last chances,

Loosely looped into seconds

Then thirds.

Your glamorous wasp waist

So thin

The twigs snapped soon and dropped

In dismayed defeat, booted into the mud.

What do Facebook pictures of gappy, goofy children show

Other than absence of parents.


Friends sigh and shuffle

Take sides

Blame quivering dull like blancmange

To be appointed, swallowed whole,

Perhaps even digested.

10 thoughts on “Not You Too”

  1. This really is powerful, Marina Sofia. It really captures it all so effectively. The ‘photo, too…

  2. I love the line “Blame quivering dull like blancmange” and love the whole poem in fact! The only word I don’t “get” is “appointed” after the blancmange. It breaks the food metaphore.

  3. Although my marriage has lasted near ly four decades, would it be wrong of me to say I hate the “twin souls” stuff. I suppose it heaps occasionally but mesons it could set you up to fail. Excellent poem Marina, evocative but clear. I too like the blancmange image.

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