Friday Fun: Retreat to the Writing Havens

Any of these writing nooks seem like the perfect haven to hone your art and clarify your thoughts. Some are perhaps cosier than others, some may be more conducive to procrastination, while others are a no-no for tall people. But they all make me dream…

Traditional luxury desk with not enough space for computers and notebooks, from
A nod to craft workshops, from The Black Workshop on Tumblr.
The hidden chalet look, from
The mezzanine study, so you can see all the comings and goings and eavesdrop on conversations. From Pacific Home Studio.
The Sturm und Drang office, from Joachim Guanzon Photography.
The inside outside study, from
Beware of the beams, tall people! From

13 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Retreat to the Writing Havens”

  1. I’ll be modest this week and just ask if I can put my boots under the table of the first one. Bit of a fraud really, as I’m not deep in writing creative fiction, but I do have to spend a lot of time at my desk doing general research and it is always crucial to have a beautiful tree surrounded view to distract one. I’m clearly needing some intense conversation with a crowd of trees, as most of the rest make me feel quite claustrophobic today – give me trees and a nice big window to gaze at them. I’ll worry about the heating bills/chill factor later, perhaps wishing I’d gone snug. Not to mention it is such a lovely view – unless I am imagining it, it seems there is a narrow window shelf – an excellent, if rather precisely negotiated space, for a couple of cats to lie, long and thin and admire the trees too (catflap would need to be somewhere though)

  2. Oh, my, they all look so wonderful, Marina Sofia! I especially have my eye on the inside/outside study. A nice, snug space, plus light and air, too. What more could one want? *Starts dreaming of where she will put her things*

  3. The inside/out room for me too, although I would always be outside, or at a push the first window one with a better desk. I’m certainly not tall, but the others are a bit dark or pokey for my tastes. The pull-out desk in the pseudo ancient library seems a clever use of space, as long as you have somewhere else to store the stuff you use on the desk.

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