Launching My First Asymptote Journal in Its 6th Year of Existence

The Fall Edition of the Asymptote Journal has just been launched and, although I can’t claim any credit for the content (by the time I joined the team, it was all pretty much done and edited), it is a pleasure to share some of its content with you.

First of all, there is a special feature on new voices from France – unusual and young voices, rather than the ones which have been translated before. I love the disturbing and dysfunctional relationship with a mother described by Frédérique Martin, the grim reality of abortion from three different points of view presented by Valentine Goby. Although not strictly speaking a new voice, one of my absolute favourite pieces in this issue is the provocative, energetic and rather elegiac essay by Bernard Hoepffner – much respected translator of English literature into French, who died recently off the coast of Wales. The translator as a chameleon, con-man and perpetrator of linguistic violence. Still in the sphere of France, there is also a review of Marcel Proust’s letters to his neighbour, which show a witty, charming, sensitive man rather than the hypochondriac we often seem to hear about in literary history.

But it’s not just France who features here. Overall, 31 countries are represented, including Romania, South Africa, Martinique, the Ukraine and Brazil. There is also a very interesting art project by Mikhail Karikis, bringing the sounds and images of a community (and especially that of young people) making abandoned industrial landscapes their own.

Overall, a great place to rummage around and explore, whether you like poetry, fiction, essays, art or drama. And in times fraught with the spectre of nationalism and lack of interest in ‘the other’, I find it is more important than ever to listen to other cultures and to further our understanding.



17 thoughts on “Launching My First Asymptote Journal in Its 6th Year of Existence”

  1. I couldn’t agree more, Marina Sofia, about the need to understand each other better, and take the time to learn about each other. This sounds great! Thanks for sharing.

    1. I may flag up some other articles next week, as there are lots of interesting things which got me thinking. I’ve only been involved for 2-3 weeks, but it’s such fun!

    1. Thank you – I’ve always enjoyed reading it, so it’s a great pleasure now to see it ‘behind the curtains’ and how much work and passion goes into the making of it.

  2. Looks very intriguing – I shall enjoy dipping into it over the next few days. Pretty much a perfect fit for you jobwise, I’d think – hope it’s as much fun as it looks as if it might be… 😀

      1. Certes, mais un Corse peut écrire en corse, un Alsatien en alsatien, un Breton en breton, etc… (then you need to find a publisher, that’s where things become complicated)

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