Friday Fun: Staircases to Heaven and Books

Ascending staircases to see the views from the top or to access treasured books? Is there anything more dreamy in this world than a spiral staircase (although they are a pain to climb)?

The ultimate of staircases to heaven – or to the Pope. From the Vatican Museum.
The colour scheme of a Greek island, from Indigorock on Tumblr.
From the Gustave Moreau Museum in Paris.
Staircase from the Peles Castle museum in Sinaia, Romania.
Staircase in a Brazilian private villa, from
Relatively simple modern style, from Pinterest.
Outdoor spiral, from

11 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Staircases to Heaven and Books”

  1. I like the final photo of the outside staircase, that takes you from the upper viewing balcony to the lower terrace which also seems to be up in the air in a woodland.
    If we see a spiral staircase on our visits about we have to try it, but especially if it’s in a castle tower with a view at the top – despite disturbingly narrow stone treads & no handrail on the way down .

  2. Peles castle for me please. Like a Life in Books I suffer from vertigo, and the modern one immediately made me feel queasy just looking at it. Peles, safely enclosed, means there is no danger of me wibbling off through the slats!

  3. Oh, these are all gorgeous, Marina Sofia! I like the modern one (with the books) very much, but KBR is right: that Brazilian one’s fabulous, too. Hard to choose!

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