Friday Fun: Memories of Summer

It may be glum November weather, everyone’s least favourite time of year, but here are some verandas and terraces to remind you of summers past and that it will come again.

Adorable little veranda overlooking the river – the perfect weekend cottage. From
Connecting bridge between the two wings of your house. From Veranda Magazine.
The veranda as an extension of your living room in Portugal, from Architectural Digest.
Why can’t a treehouse have a veranda? From
Idyllic floating veranda, although the mosquitoes might come to visit. From Country Living.
For the ambitious with endless pockets, from Instagram.

10 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Memories of Summer”

  1. On a morning like this one with thick white frost, I’d like to be on any of those terraces (although I’d have to close my eyes to the building sitting on the final one). I’ve always coveted a wrap around veranda, so I could sit on any side of the house according to the position of the sun. As I live in suburbia, this remains a total fantasy.

  2. Ah, how lovely, Marina Sofia! They’re all beautiful. I have to say, though, that the one in Portugal is my choice. Come and visit, won’t you? I’ll have snacks and drinks ready…

  3. Ah, but the glory of the trees in their last gasps of colour, and the damp beauty of morning mist make November a stunner. Particularly, I suspect if I lived in the first veranda over the river (as long as it didn’t rain too much, too quickly……..I assume there is a boat within arms length?)

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