Friday Fun: Abandoned Interiors

Not quite sure if the pictures below fit in with anyone’s definition of fun. They make me quite sad, as I look at the remnants of past glory and how once stately, cosy interiors have been left to rot. Like animals in a shelter, I’d love to give them all a second chance if I could. What made people abandon them in such a hurry that they left all the furnishings behind?

Also, I think just one room could fit in all of my family and belongings.

Victorian ghost house, makes me think of The Lady in Black. From
Belgian chateau – the parental suite, by Dan Marbaix at Caters News.
Another Victorian splendour, from
Abandoned hotel in the US, from
This is the saddest of all for a booklover: abandoned library, photo by James Charlick.
Abandoned manor house in France complete with grand piano, from
Grand staircase, from Pinterest.
Abandoned mansion in Taipei, from Pinterest.



17 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Abandoned Interiors”

  1. The Belgian chateau ought to be the scene of a particularly scary horror story involving ghostly children… I just took delivery of a book that made me think of you instantly – The Country House Library from Yale University Press, replete with zillions of fab photos…

  2. Oh, that poor, poor library!!! I want to get right in there, fix it, preserve the books that can be saved…. And I can just imagine the stories it would have to tell about the people who were once there.

  3. On the positive side, these photos make my own home which is desperately in need of top to bottom redecoration look a lot less neglected than I thought 🙂

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