Quick Video Reviews: Women Writers 2017

The pile of books to be reviewed was threatening to fall from my ‘filing cabinet’ (aka armchair), so I am resorting once more to quick video reviews. These all have a rather sombre theme running through them, but are heartily recommended – for when you are of a cheery disposition to handle them. I’ve tried to add a festive mood nevertheless with some tinsel!

20 thoughts on “Quick Video Reviews: Women Writers 2017”

  1. Thank you for the reviews, Marina Sofia. I like the sound of ‘Flesh of The Peach’. I am adding it to my list. I am not in the right frame of mind to handle on violence, so I am going to skip that. Also, I loved your beanie. 🙂

    1. Beanie? Beanie, she says! The tragedy and injustice of that! I’ll have you know it is an inverted blue strawberry that I borrowed from my son!!!
      There is quite a bit of violence (unexpected) in Flesh of the Peach as well, although not protracted.

    1. I bought their first three books (they’ve published just 5 in this first year of existence) and they all look yummy. Next time, I might go for the red tinsel, but I am more a fun of icy white and blue decorations (you can tell I like crime fiction, can’t you?)

  2. All good fun, MS . . . and very seasonally festive you look too. The first book especially appeals, but I can’t make out the author’s name. Help, please!

    1. Ariana Harwicz, born in Buenos Aires in 1977 apparently. I’ve also bought Gabriela Cabezon Camara’s Slum Virgin from the same Charco Press, this time set in Buenos Aires, and it looks very tempting indeed.

      1. Oh! And I see Charco Press (to whose newsletter I’ve just subscribed) is in Edinburgh, a city that has many strong resonances for me. They may be getting some of my pennies the next time I have any money.

  3. I really like these video reviews, Marina Sofia. I hope you’ll keep doing them. This is great! The Harwicz is especially appealing, for when I’m ready for an intense read. It sounds as though that resonates… Funny you’d mention the little discrepancies in the Berry. Isn’t it interesting how those little details catch us up? That’s one reason, I confess, for which I’ve not (yet) set a novel in another country.

  4. Have to say I really enjoyed watching your book reviews and the lovely warm and informal manner with which you delivered them. One of the oddities of social media is that you come across loads of characters you would like to meet, ( or do if you’ve blogged as long as me ) until you realise there is no room built which is large enough to house all of them, but if such a space were possible I would be delighted if you were within it 🙂

  5. How did I miss this? I already had Die My Love on my wish list, but your review pushed it to the top. I hadn’t heard of Flesh of the Peach so thanks for that one.
    I passed over Under the Harrow as a-maybe-if-in-the-mood-later.
    Great video BTW

    1. Thank you for that – a rapid, unpolished video, but it saves so much time. And I have no Instagrammish or Vloggish designs or pride. Although I did have to record it twice – because I forgot to click Record the first time round!

        1. Ha, that made me laugh! You are joking, aren’t you? I don’t, hence I feel like I remember all the best things of what I wanted to say afterwards…

        2. No not joking. The videos have an-off-the-cuff-feel to them but I still get a great sense whether or not I’d want to read the books under discussion

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