Friday Fun: When Money Is No Object…

Of course, if money were no object for me (and you, dear readers), I suspect we would just have simple but cosy living quarters above a huge and famous library. However, most wealthy people in the world seem to prefer the flashily obvious displays of wealth. So this is what money can buy you… And I have to admit some of them are not too shabby! (All pictures taken from the glorious Home Adore website).

So now you understand why they want their tax cuts…

Fairview residence at night, designed by Leslie Minervini.
Terrace of the same Fairview Residence – Bellevue, right?
Banyan Tree Residence designed by Choeff Levy Fischman. Multiple pools and lakeside mooring.
More modest house designed by Mercurio Design Lab, but it’s only for the weekend…
Front of the Mercurio house is surprisingly low key.
And if you want your private ski cabin, this one by Skli will do it for me.



9 thoughts on “Friday Fun: When Money Is No Object…”

  1. The Fairview home is breathtaking, Marina Sofia. Not sure I would want to live there, but it’s quite remarkable, that’s for sure! I think I like your first idea better: a comfortable home atop a world-class library…

  2. I was going to say that you couldn’t walk around naked in any of these houses with all that glass everywhere, but then I remembered that if you are wealthy enough to buy a house like that, you can probably also afford to buy yourself a perfect body, in which case you *could* walk around naked after all. 🙂

  3. Pretty sure I’m no longer built for climbing into that bed up on the sloping wall of the ski cabin, although the cabin’s location looks the perfect backdrop for reading with a view and it does have the advantage of a generous supply of book shelves to fill.

  4. Oh, too opulent for me. I’d like a little craftsman cottage right next to that fantastic library in Britain that was built in an old train station.

  5. Yes, but one proviso: Said bookstore would also have to have a cafe with coffee, tea, biscuits and pastries. Then I would never leave.

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