Quick Video Reviews: Crime Fiction

This was filmed a few days ago, so in the meantime I can report that I have finished reading the Miklos Banffy book – and by now am so fully immersed in that world that I have to procure myself and read the whole trilogy. Outstanding chronicle of a certain place and time!

The others I mention below (with a lot of stuttering and pausing – maybe next time I should prepare a script) are: Ragnar Jonasson, Oliver Bottini, Thomas Willmann and the Murder on Christmas Eve anthology. You can find my full reviews of two of these on Crime Fiction Lover: Whiteout and Christmas mysteries.

I’m not signing off for the year yet, and over the coming weeks will be presenting my Top Reading Choices for 2017 and beyond. Oh, and I borrowed my younger s son’s inverted strawberry hat again – quite seasonal with the snowfall we’ve had pretty much all day here!


9 thoughts on “Quick Video Reviews: Crime Fiction”

  1. I love the hat touch, Marina Sofia. You’ve got some interesting reads this time. I’m especially intrigued by White Out. I’ve a soft spot for those deserted places. There’s such an atmosphere in them.

  2. I really want to read White Out, and Muder on Christmas Eve sounds fun!

    You’ve made the Banffy sound so enticing. At the moment I’m going through a definite thing for novellas – maybe I’ll eventually react by going to the opposite extreme and pick it up 🙂

  3. I really must read the rest of the Jonasson books – I read and loved a couple, then got sidetracked. And Murder on Christmas Eve sounds like jolly festive fun… 😀

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