Friday Fun: My Favourite Kind of Houses

Just in time for Christmas, it’s only right to show my true colours and admit that, although I like bold architecture in public buildings, I actually dream of living in a Georgian or Queen Anne house. I love the symmetry and uncluttered look of that period. See if you agree with me…

Georgian house in Wiltshire, from Tripadvisor.
Highgrove House, also known as Prince Charles’ residence. From The Fuller View.
A modernised mews cottage, most probably, from House & Garden Magazine UK.
The French are pretty good at this kind of architecture too. From Periwinkleliving on Tumblr.
The Americans have adopted it, of course, in the Colonial Style. From Williamslove.blogspot
Another French version of it from further south in Provence. From

And finally, this is what a (wealthy) Georgian Christmas would have looked like:

From the Jane Austen Centre.

18 thoughts on “Friday Fun: My Favourite Kind of Houses”

  1. My favourite style of dwelling – English Georgian – it’s all those evenly spaced windows & golden ratios.

  2. I like the French houses with the greenery all around. Hopefully, not huge, because the bigger they are, the more cleaning is required.

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