Christmas Fun: The Weird and the Wonderful

Given that my Friday Fun posts are usually the most popular ones, I thought I would add one extra one this year for Christmas. Nothing to do with Christmas decorations (you’ll have had more than your fill of that on TV and in magazines and shops). Instead, I present: the most exotic houses I was able to find! Can you imagine living in a house like this?

The merging with the landscape house, from Pinterest.
The Shell House in Japan, from
A dome house in Florida, from
The curvy shiny house, from
Another glassfronted luxury mansion, with the fireplace outside. From Maison Jac Collection.
Spiral hole in the ground house from Vietnam designed by Vo Trong Nghia, from
Fincube, a nomadic house that you can collapse and take with you elsewhere, from Sutdio Aisslinger.
The noise must be somewhat deafening in this waterfall house, from
Cosy as a hobbit house, this Swiss cottage in Vals, From Pinterest.

11 thoughts on “Christmas Fun: The Weird and the Wonderful”

  1. I think the first one is the only one I can imagine living in but they do look very spectacular! Thanks for all your work on these posts over the year – always so entertaining! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  2. These are all such fascinating houses, Marina Sofia! I respect the ingenuity it takes to make a house like that, that’s for sure! Have a lovely Christmas!

  3. Weirder and weirder. I pass a house sometimes depending on the route I am taking out of town. It’s stuck in the middle of nowhere and is all glass. It looked as though it dropped from space. I don’t know anything about it but it was empty and abandoned for years.

  4. Hmm Once again I find that Karen and I have identified the same ‘favourite’ – or, in this case…the least unfavourite. Nothing screams ‘home’ (far from it) but I could manage to live in the part-of-the-landscape-house if I was absolutely forced to live in one. They are indeed architectural pieces to admire, as if walking round a museum devoted to the work of architects, but to live there ? I think I am wedded to the idea of ye old cottage, the weathered in, the dwelling designed to be lived in rather than looked at.

    Though I would like a night in the waterfall, or to be invited inside, anyway

    Have a lovely Christmas MarinaSofia whether in a castle, a waterfall, a cottage or a condominium!

  5. Still trying to work out why the Vietnam house has multiple doors (or person-sized windows) that appear to open into the void, & why all these doors/windows have handles on the outside facing the void – who would use them?
    Some of the other houses have the distinct look of the modern attraction Visitor Center, but I’d put up with any architectural style (apart from doors direct to the void) just for the fantastic mountain views or use of the swimming pool.

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