Friday Fun: Cosy Fireplaces

Now that Christmas is over, our thoughts naturally turn to partying with friends at a chalet high up in the mountains after a great day of skiing. Well, mine do anyway, if I had all the time and money in the world. Of course, my kind of partying involves a cosy fire, great views, delicious food and pleasant discussions about books, art, music and theatre.

Having had a stove in our house in France, I can vouch it is a wonderful way to warm up the room. No fireplace is complete without a pet, of course. From Home Building and Renovating magazine.
Ah, even better with a cat… From Bill’s TN Paradise.
A more minimalist Scandinavian feel to this one, from
Great Christmas atmosphere at this property in Northern Ireland, from Property Pal.
This picture seems to have been taken in summer, which is just wrong. Tom Cruise’s former property in Colorado, from
Ah, this one allows everyone to sit around the fire! French chalet from Design Mag.
The typical wood-heavy chalet look in Megeve, from Chalet Chatel.
We can’t see the fireplace in this picture, but I’m sure it matches the view. Chalet in Zermatt, from Luxury Ski Chalets.

9 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Cosy Fireplaces”

  1. Hmm… I’m not usually much of a minimalist but the Scandinavian one really appeals. And given that about three inches of snow has fallen in the last hour or so, the post is very timely!

  2. I’ll take them all, please! I am especially drawn to the one in Northern Ireland. Seeing as how it is 8 below 0 here today, I am feeling warm just by looking at the photos! 🙂

  3. Oh, these are lovely, Marina Sofia! They all look warm and inviting, so it’s hard to choose. But I especially like the one in Megeve. So inviting!

  4. I have a fireplace and it’s hard to give up. I went to someone’s house over the holidays and they had a fire roaring …. on their big screen television. That’s modern life for you.
    Have a great 2018!

  5. Northern Ireland, it has to be I shall just need to quickly pop in to number 2 though. and catnap that feline. I wouldn’t want to risk taking my own, they might decide they prefer Northern Ireland to their own pad – those chairs just look made for claw-sharpening!

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