Friday Fun: The Windows Have It

You can’t get enough daylight in winter, especially if you are stuck in a basement office, so here are some houses that use windows in a creative way, to give you the illusion of more space.

Scandinavian, of course! From
Townhouse in Ghent, from
The mastery of Japanese narrowness. From
House in Rock Creek, US, from ArchDaily.
A Japanese house that gives me vertigo just looking at it, from The
The heaviest glass doors you can imagine, from


12 thoughts on “Friday Fun: The Windows Have It”

  1. Some of those are really stunning, Marina Sofia. I like the Gent townhouse especially. Something about it is just really appealing…

  2. I’m conflicted on this – one the one hand, the lack of light in winter really gets me down, but on the other I think I’d feel very exposed in these. They are gorgeous though!

  3. Hmm… some of them look good but I wouldn’t want to live in them. I think my cave-dweller gene is dominant – give me snug and cosy and draw the curtains…

  4. I also like the book filled Scandi one & it’s made even better by the rural surroundings. The others are interesting buildings, but I’d need copious blinds or curtains to feel at ease in their urban/suburban settings. If I had such vast glass doors, I’d wish they were opening into an expanse of lovely, private garden.

  5. I love to look at these houses — in theory. But would not want ot live in one. I like cozy and warm and lots of wood and nooks and crannies.
    Also, if one lived in one of these “glass houses,” one would also have to get dressed up just to go get coffee or tea — and in the morning, yikes! No coming into the kitchen in one’s pajamas or bathrobe or wearing a towel! Would have to be on display. Not my thing.

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