Video Book Reviews: Norway, Switzerland, Scotland and Sudan

Another quick review of Gunnar Staalesen’s Wolves in the Dark set in Norway, Mary Anna Barbey’s Swiss Trafic set in Switzerland, and Leila Aboulela’s The Translator set in Aberdeen and Sudan. Common themes: human trafficking, dark underside of apparently very civilised societies and an outsider’s gaze at mainstream culture in a particular country.

7 thoughts on “Video Book Reviews: Norway, Switzerland, Scotland and Sudan”

  1. A good reading week indeed, and what bravery to be reviewing them on camera!
    Orenda do seem to be onto some excellent books and great that they include translations.
    I’m reading off the shelf for a while, hoping there are things there that will surprise me with their greatness!

  2. Interesting that these books are so similar in their ways, and yet different, Marina Sofia. All three sound engaging in their way, if dark. The protagonists sound well-developed, too. Thanks for sharing the snippets, and for these video reviews – a very effective and creative approach to doing reviews!

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