Friday Fun: Heading to the Alps

No matter what I say or do, I cannot forget about mountains and snow in the winter months. I miss them more than I can say, so here are some pictures to delight me (or to help me wallow in my misery).

Chamonix at night, from
Thermal spa at Leukerbad in Switzerland, from Le
A summer shot, but still beautiful. Sankt Gallen in Switzerland. From Panoramio.
The Alps in autumn, from HG
My favourite vineyards, although the dream of owning one with a chateau recedes daily. From
But it’s the skiing I miss most. Chamonix once more, from


23 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Heading to the Alps”

  1. Thank you. I love the hermal spa at Leukerbad in Switzerland, from Le – looks refreshing and healthy.

  2. Ah, such lovely scenery, Marina Sofia! I can see easily why you miss the mountains so much. Every single one of these is a gem.

  3. I wish I were there, too! Alas, thanks to the upcoming Olympics, we suddenly have a TV channel devoted to winter sports, so at least I get to watch biathlon and ski jumping and cross-country skiing for the first time in years.

  4. Yep, autumn for me too! I’ve only seen the Alps once and up till then I had always believed Scotland had mountains. Now I tend to think of them as hills…

    1. I was in the ‘hills’ of the English Lake District this autumn, but they felt like mountains to my creaking knees 🙂

  5. All glorious photos this week – happy to be in any of them. Reminds me of being a teenager and my first trip abroad crossing from France to Italy via Switzerland on the train through areas of beautifully rugged scenery.

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