Friday Fun: Blue and White Temptations

I’ve always loved the combination of blue and white in interior design, flowers, clothes. even flags. That might explain why I married a Greek (and why I like the Finns). While appearances are often misleading (marriage case in point), it is a sure-fire classic combination for decorating your house and I have done so many times in the past. Although perhaps not as extravagantly as in the following pictures. It is so clean, fresh, simple and reminds me of travelling to faraway places by ship.

Accent colours highlight the predominantly blue and white scheme, from Home Interior Inspiration.
More subdued Scandinavian colour palette, from Interior Design Files.
The classic Cape Cod style, from Bright Bazaar, one of my favourite design blogs.
If the blue veers off into turquoise, I don’t mind at all. From Best Home Decor.
Another combination of nautical colours: light blue, green and turgquoise. From Interior Design.
What better way to decorate a hotel in Capri? From JK Hotel.
I adore the Moroccan style of blue and white tiles. From
Navy blue can be very striking and restful in a bedroom, from Lifestyle Denver.
But ultimately it’s back to the inspiration behind it all, which I’ve loved since childhood. Greece.

19 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Blue and White Temptations”

  1. Lovely! I don’t think I’ve ever used blue and white as a combination for interior design. (Not that my efforts can in any way be called interior design!) These rooms are gorgeous though – so restful and ordered. I dread to think what might happen if a signle thing was moved ever so slightly out of place! And of course, I adore the exterior shot. Who can resist blue shutters! Happy Friday Marina Sofia 🙂

    1. I’ve always used it, even when I was living in horrible student digs – in an attempt to brighten them up a bit. In fact, I may even have chosen my husband on the basis of this colour combination (the flag of his country and the last photo prove it) – which, in retrospect was probably not such a good idea!

  2. Well I could very happily spend time in most of these, though Best Home Decor and the following Interior Design did make me want to move on after a bit. you Greece. I could stay here please and would grumble if asked to leave

  3. I’m much more a fan of dark than light blue so it would be the hotel in Capri for me. Mind you, a hotel in Capri would work for me even if it was painted in pink and purple polka dots…

  4. All the photos are attractive and surprisingly cosy for cool colours, but I’m really tempted by the one with the greenish walls as that would feel warmer in our UK winters. I may have to find some colour charts 🙂

    1. Yes, that’s the problem with the dimmer northern light – it will look too chilly. However, Scandinavians use blue too, so it might be useful to look at their colour schemes.

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