Friday Fun: Bringing the Outdoors Inside

It’s not really possible with the English weather, but I do have friends in South Africa, France and Portugal who practically live outdoors in the summer months. Here are some houses to inspire you to bring the outdoors inside – at least in your dreams.

You can always start small, with a greenhouse or conservatory. From Instagram.
For braver souls, an almost outdoor shower. From ApartmentTherapy.
Making the most of narrow strip of land to build on, this house in Sao Paolo. From
The anything but minimalist outdoor porch of North America. From Decoist.
The open all windows method of ELM & Willow house, from
Last but not least, Cate Blanchett’s covetable abode in Sydney, from Pinterest.

9 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Bringing the Outdoors Inside”

  1. Gorgeous! As you say, at the moment in the UK I’m determinedly keeping the outdoors out, as it’s too cold! I’ll just keep hoping Cate Blanchett invites me round for tea…

  2. These are gorgeous, Marina Sofia! That place in São Paulo definitely calls to me, but the others really are beautiful, too.

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