Haibun: The Feather

You are the colour of slate, you smoke in husky float, you describe a butterknife arc. I pluck you out of obscurity from under a bush in my old hometown. Supple-smooth, tripartite with frazzled edges, worn white with grief, you lie supine in both of my hands.

You were once the pinnacle of aviation engineering, now less purposeful than you appear. November, surplus to requirements, your bird doesn’t want you no more. Just like this town doesn’t care if I come or I go.

All I can do: comfort you.
Always knew this day would come.
Soothe through boxing-gloves.

Linking this to Haibun Monday over at dVerse Poets, where we are talking about hometowns. I feel sadly out-of-place in my ‘official’ hometown and am not necessarily welcome in the hometowns of my heart. Like a feather, I’ve been transported across many countries and towns, and I’ve left a little bit of me everywhere.

61 thoughts on “Haibun: The Feather”

  1. This is really powerful, Marina Sofia, and it hits very close to home for me. Beautifully done!

  2. I have lived in various cities all over this planet, and I’ve found that no one single location feels like home, except where my loved ones are…and even they are spread across three different continents. But it’s made for a full and interesting life, I must say. (hugs)

  3. Wow, an unexpected experience ….how forlorn the the feather, yet how reassuring are the comfort of being taken care of and the spirit of the bixing glives!

  4. There is so much here for me to relate to as I have lived in so many places and, yes, we do leave bits of ourselves behind. The way you used the feather is so powerful. I am always happy to see you here…your poetry is so good.

  5. I was so moved by this. Your imagery is so unique and powerful. It resonates with me somewhat as I don’t feel I belong in my hometown either….too much about me has changed. I feel displaced here, even after nearly 40 years but your haibun seems to hold an even deeper longing for that sense of “home”.

    Always excited to have you join in with us, Marina.

  6. By leaving a piece of yourself in each town that you have lived, gives each town a brighter day, even if the occupants don’t realize the impact you have made…and you have made an impact in some way…

  7. I, too, have journeyed far and wide. As a young man, I sought to leave home. Oddly, I found elements of home everywhere I went. Perhaps home followed me. Yet it awaited me here once I returned. Now, just a few meters from the house I grew up in, and waking the same streets my grandfather walked, the depth of of my connection deepens far further than I ever understood possible. Such a strange thing.

  8. “You were once the pinnacle of aviation engineering, now less purposeful than you appear.”
    Another reminder how we are left alone after our worth is diminished.

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