Friday Fun: Houses of Famous Writer All Over the World

This week I am wandering around Europe with famous writers, while next week I plan to go a little further afield.

Haworth Parsonage, home of the Bronte sisters. From Visit Britain website.
Dove Cottage in Grasmere, where Wordsworth lived with his sister Dorothy. From World Nomad Journals.
Camus’ modest house in Lourmarin, bought with the proceeds of his Nobel Prize. From Pinterest.
Caragiale museum in Romania. From
Romanian national poet Eminescu’s birthplace in Ipotesti. From Wikipedia.
Victor Hugo’s house in exile in Guernsey. From Visit Guernsey.
Philip Pullman’s garden shed, from Authors’ Houses.
Schiller’s house in Weimar, from
Goethe’s garden shed in Weimar, from

19 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Houses of Famous Writer All Over the World”

  1. Did you look up Kafka’s house in Prague? It was not what I expected. Victor Hugo’s exile looks quite comfortable. I used to live near Haworth – it really is wuthering up there…

  2. I’ve visited Haworth and Dove Cottage. I’d really love to visit Colette’s house in France.

      1. Haworth lived up to my expectations. The village has a few second hand book shops which are great to browse around.

  3. Oh, these are all lovely, Marina Sofia. And I always enjoy getting to see homes of authors. I’m finding hard to choose between Dove Cottage and Eminescu’s home for the one I like best. Actually, they’re all great.

  4. Tricky choices this week 🙂
    Haworth & Dove Cottage are in lovely, vaguely familiar parts of the country. The German buildings appeal to my sense of symmetry and the others look peaceful in their woody surroundings. So I think it would be the Camus dwelling, tucked into an interesting looking street ready for exploring on foot.

  5. I like Wordworth’s cottage and Phillip Pullman’s garden shed. I just am not one for big mansions or regal homes. I like cozy and surrounded by plants and flowers.

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