Friday Fun: Mountain Retreats

Last week, when we were covered in snow, I needed to escape to warmer climes, but the truth is I love nothing more than spectacular, remote mountain retreats… in countries which know how to cope with snow and access and heating!

Mountain cottage in Ogawayama, Japan. From Home Crux.
Anako Lodge in Switzerland, photo credit: Olivier Maire.
The interior of a mountain villa in Sri Lanka,
Hot tubbing in the snow in Pestera, Romania, from Akasha Wellness Retreat.
The luxury end of the spectrum, Finca Paraiso in Costa Rica, from
Far more modest: the Hen House on Skye, from

22 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Mountain Retreats”

    1. Even in the most remote mountain cabin in Switzerland, there is a legal obligation to have firewood and survival tea, sugar, basic food. The idea being that if you have to find shelter in a storm, you are able to survive it. As you might expect from such a highly-regulated country used to snow and mountain storms.

  1. Switzerland it has to be (much easier to get to than Skye) because you know that when you do want to get out of the lodge, things like public transport will be running efficiently and shops open…..

    1. I was going to comment on why on earth no one seems to be opting for that stunning Romanian landscape, and then when I read your comment about public transport and thought about the roads in Romania… yes, well…

      1. You didn’t wait long enough for me to get back from having a hair cut !!
        I’m definitely opting for that truly impressive Romanian mountain range – and as this is a total fantasy, I’m not going to worry about infrastructure deficits or the fact that I can’t see anything to stay in other than a hot tub šŸ™‚

  2. Oh, theses are all snug and just lovely, Marina Sofia. The Swiss lodge is beautiful, but I think I’d choose Sri Lanka.

  3. I’m all for the Romanian cottage, what a view. To hell with public transports, you stay in cities if that’s what you want. šŸ™‚ (well, except in LA, of course)

    The Japanese place looks more like a spaceship cottage than a mountain cottage.

  4. Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Skye (but with decent transportation to get to it, tea and food, as well as heat)

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