Friday Fun: Luxury Mountain Lodges

I think the Americans must have a different definition of mountain lodges to just about anyone else except the Swiss. Have a look at these! Certainly not the kind I will be coming back to rest in after skiing…

Ready to go canoeing? From Stonewood LLC.
Montana Magica hotel lodge in Chile, from Atlas Obscura.
A dreamy terrace to admire the view, from Style
Swimming pools are of course always a bonus. From
When you are isolated on a mountain, you can afford to have big windows. From Once Upon a Better Home.
After a hard day of climbing mountains, isn’t this the perfect spot to come back to? From

10 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Luxury Mountain Lodges”

  1. These are so luxurious-looking, Marina Sofia. I think I’d go for the one from mountainadventures – the last one. It looks so warm and inviting.

  2. It’s the final one for me too – just lace up your boots & you could be walking in those mountains in minutes. Plus it would be all downhill to return for supper at the end of the day !!

  3. kaykuala

    Beautiful offerings Marina! A Mountain lodge is a temporary affair, a sojourn of limited duration. But the facilities extended would seem one is expected to stay forever.


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