Friday Fun: Contemporary and Futuristic Homes

Glass seems to be the building element of choice for futuristic homes. Let’s just hope there’s no one waiting to cast any stones!

The mountain chalet updated in Colorado, from
It’s all about the views in this Brazilian home, from Casa Claudia.
High ceilings seem to be compulsory in modern houses, as in this Spanish house. From Casa Luxo.
Inverted clifftop house (bedrooms downstairs, living room upstairs) from
Another American extravaganza, from
Now we move onto futurism, from
More modest and sustainable: a container home. From

7 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Contemporary and Futuristic Homes”

  1. The ladder going nowhere in the spanish house (3rd pic down) would bug me, as would all those carefully placed books on the coffee table! That said, if I had the opportunity to live there, or even just visit, I’d grab it!

  2. The only one I might conceivably think of is the container home – but it does depend on their being no other dwelling close enough to let people look in – otherwise I’d be going for blinds and nets which would negate all the wonderful light glass allows.

    Perhaps, in these days of selfies, a lot of people LIKE the idea of being observed by strangers whereas I like anonymity

    Maybe I could be persuaded to take on the inverted house, as it would only be passing boats who could peer in……….

  3. Just gorgeous to look at but perhaps less comfortable to live in. I like the idea of bedrooms downstairs and living areas upstairs – my aunt had a (much more modest) house like that many years back and I think that was a kind of modernist thing. Quite fun, really! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I love the look of these, Marina Sofia, but I have to agree that I’d probably feel too exposed if I actually lived in one. Still, they’re beautiful, and that container home is especially appealing…

  5. I think years of living in suburbia have made me wary of all that expanse of glass – & I’m really interested in all the other comments expressing similar reservations about windows ๐Ÿ™‚
    The cliff top inverted house would satisfy my dream of a place to watch the stars out over the sea, but I’d have to reset my well entrenched habit of going upstairs to sleep.

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