Friday Fun: Getting Away from It All in the Forest

When we need to indulge our Thoreau impulses but still want a civilised place to live in, what could be better than these forest houses?

Hansel and Gretel updated, from
Spend all your time outside on the veranda if the weather permits it, from casesigradini.
Low-lying bungalow almost merges with the trees, from
More of a garden than a forest, but I had to include this pavilion from Ginkakuji in Kyoto.
Covered walkways through the forest leading up to your house? Genius or madness – you judge! From Pinterest.
California always does things slightly differently, from


12 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Getting Away from It All in the Forest”

  1. Oh, these are lovely, Marina Sofia. And, yes, what a great idea to have a bit of a getaway. I hear that bungalow calling me…

  2. I think you’ve just found my spiritual home for me. Any of these would be perfect. My next house needs to be in a forest…

  3. I’m more of a mountain top person than a forest dweller, as the enclosing canopy feels a bit oppressive, however the Kyoto house is a great combination of garden and surrounding trees.

  4. I quite like the third. Most of them look beautiful but I wouldn’t want to live in them. I’d feel too exposed with all that glass.

  5. I like the second one because I suspect that it has a view! I am partial because we live in a Frank Lloyd Wright inspired home in the woods, on a small hill overlooking a pond. Thanks for sharing.

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