Friday Fun: Rural Retreats

Now that the weather has finally brightened up, who doesn’t dream of an outdoors lifestyle in a rural area not too deprived of creature comforts? I can imagine long, long dinners and chats with friends in these locations (perhaps a book club?).

Nordic simplicity and views. From Pinterest.
Anything but modest retreat with terrace, also on Pinterest.
Dining at great heights, from Tumblr.
A cosy corner with a purring cat to rest from all the entertaining, from Marie Claude.


French stone house and courtyard, from Naigara Novice Blogspot.
The overgrown path to the simple country cottage, from Pinterest.

14 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Rural Retreats”

  1. Oh dear, far too difficult. It’s exposed my dreadful greed: Nordic -that clear view! Shabby conservatory with feline companion as host and, possibly inching ahead – French stone. It looks so mysterious and inviting i would just HAVE to step inside. I know someone has arrived before me, with those inviting open windows, so no doubt the women is breathing, the salads washed and dressed, the breads still warm from their baking, and the rounds of cheese are cool and inviting! Look i have arrived with a bunch of flowers and some chocolates, and a bag of books, of course….

  2. These all do look wonderful, Marina Sofia – just wonderful. It would be so hard for me to choose! But if forced to….I think I like the Nordic one – the first one – especially.

  3. Not sure how long the candles would stay alight in the breeze at such great heights, but the view from that balcony/terrace looks fantastic.

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