Still Learning How to Vlog – Book Haul 12th May

It’s been three months since I last attempted to vlog, and this time I’ve learnt to use some video editing software. Alas, it’s still a vertical learning curve for me, so it took me far longer than mere writing of a blog post would have done. Plus the result is somewhat overenthusiastic cutting and transitioning, while my rough and ready make-up less appearance is explained by a migraine. Luckily, I am not vain at all in my old age! And too time-poor to make another, better version of the video! All of you regular readers and lovely bloggers get a bit of a mention here, as it’s thanks to you that I am spending ALL my money on books.

20 thoughts on “Still Learning How to Vlog – Book Haul 12th May”

  1. I somehow missed the news that you had started vlogging. You’re braver than I am – I can’t even bear to see photos of myself 🙂 How on earth do you find the time to do this???

    1. Ha ha ha, the idea was that it would take less time than writing reviews, but not if I now get into editing as well. Not a regular vlogger at all. I’ve only done 5 things ever! I think audio is more my thing (I have the face for radio).

  2. it’s been a pleasure watching (and listening) to your vlog! The books that appeal to me are Reading the World (what an ambitious project) and Find You in the Dark – thanks for the info, they both look interesting. looking forward to your reviews – and your next vlog (I’m not brave enough to do one myself!)

  3. Reading the World sounds absolutely fascinating, Marina Sofia! A real book-lover’s book. That one needs to go on my radar. Now. And, as always, I very much like the variety in your new haul. I also like this vlog format.

    1. In the US the book was published as The World Between Two Covers: Reading the Globe. There is no difference I believe in the actual text, merely the title.

  4. My dear…..brava. You are completely natural in front of a camera and I am looking forward to seeing more of these vlogs.

    1. I may have overdone the ‘sans fards’ element. I could at least have combed my hair! But unintentionally ‘completely natural’ has become my middle name!

  5. Well, one of the things I love about your vlog is that it is NOT a ghastly varnished screechy inanely grinning and posing ‘ hi guys, waves and simpers’ type of thing’

    I felt like a friend was talking to me, which is surely what kept me interested and watching.

    Apart from wanting to go and open those enticing book cupboards and have a good old browse around, it is Hired which allures most, though the round the world read, especially with your harkback to the halcyon days when it seemed as if we might welcome the opportunity to meet people from outśide our own hermetically sealed bunkers.

    Now….you and your fluency and embracing other languages with such delight, have been making me steadily more ashamed of my inability to engage in any meaningful way with other languages, and I am trying, slowly, stumblingly to make some small steps. I think the prospect of very little england looming, coupled with the illusion that we are somehow so superior is also part of this. The battle will be with my laziness and lack of persistence!

    1. It’s never too late to incorporate more international reading into our daily (OK, more realistically, weekly or monthly) routine. And you do read a lot of books from other countries anyway! I just feel it’s even more important and necessary now. When I was living in isolation in Communist Romania, I LIVED for the books and films from abroad, which opened my mind and my horizon. The idea that people voluntarily cut themselves off from all that global richness just boggles my mind.

      1. Oh the small stumbling steps MarinaSofia are to do with trying to be able to communicate a little in other languages. I doubt reading without translation would ever come within my grasp (unless it is a book for infants!) I have just become fascinated by what how the very language we use exerts shapes on our thinking

  6. Totally agree twitter & blogs sell books! So many of my purchases have been books recommended by bloggers.

    How on earth did Ann Morgan manage that in a year? My reading challenges are going on forever, I’m so slow! The book sounds great 🙂

  7. Well I think you blog beautifully and you would have to drag me screaming and kicking in front of a camera. Plus the au naturel suits you well – I’m with Lady F on that one. And yay! George Orwell!!!

  8. I loved this vlog! You are a natural (as well as looking natural). I knew of Ann Morgan’s blog but hadn’t known there was a book – of course there would be a book! That’s gone on the list. I hope you give us more of these vlogs, Marina – just as they are: unedited and all the more genuine as a result 🙂

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