Friday Fun: Let In All the Light!

It has been so cold for so long this year that I haven’t had much of a chance to use the conservatory. Maybe, if I had one of the conservatories below, I would make more of an effort with it, instead of using it to just dry clothes.

The suavely elegant, from Deposito Santa Maria.
The romantic trailing view, from Inspirations Deco.
The underground entrance, from New Zealand House and Garden.
French classical glamour, from Pinterest.
Modestly verdant, from Wohn Ideen.
Perfect for a dinner amongst friends, from Pinterest.
Something resembling a swimming pool in a convent for the truly exceptional home, from Tumblr Ana Rosa.

8 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Let In All the Light!”

  1. I love these, Marina Sofia! They’re lovely! I think the one I like best is that underground entrance, with the bookshelves. What an alluring place to read.

  2. Thanks for bringing these dreamy places into our lives! It’s a change from the messy old furniture, the IKEA stuff, the tilting piles of books and ugly extension cords. 😉

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