Joining in #20BooksofSummer

It’s not the first time I join in the 20 Books of Summer challenge hosted by Cathy. But I may have slipped and not been 100% successful in the past, as it’s so hard to commit to books, when there are so many other exciting ones peeking at you. (My book monogamy is a movable feast.) Still, in theory, it’s possible to read those 20 plus a few others. After all, it’s 94 days, so exactly 3 months.

I am going to attempt something unusual this year: namely, to have all 20 books from my Netgalley list, because I am only at 59% review rate and it’s embarrassing! I do have an excuse for that, as I received so many physical copies to review lately, plus my previous Kindle broke down and then I lost the other one, so it took a while to replace. So I have a mix of old and new books, some have been lingering on my shelf (now archive) for years. Besides, it’s easier to carry the light Kindle in my backpack on the train alongside my laptop and packed lunch!

Here are my mountain of 20 books to be climbed:

Crime (because I have a lot of those and these look fun and summery)

  1. Mario Giordano: Auntie Poldi and the Sicilian Lions
  2. Belinda Bauer: Snap
  3. Zygmunt Miloszewski: Priceless
  4. Derek B. Miller: American by Day
  5. Rachel Rhys: A Dangerous Crossing

Women in Translation Month (because there aren’t nearly enough of these on Netgalley)

  1. Muriel Barbery: Life of Elves
  2. Virginie Despentes: Vernon Subutex
  3. Samanta Schweblin: Fever Dream
  4. Kanae Minato: Penance
  5. Xialu Guo: Once Upon a Time in the East

More Women Writers (and across different genres)

  1. Aminatta Forna: Happiness
  2. Janet Hogarth: The Single Mums’ Mansion
  3. Lucy Mangan: Bookworm
  4. Louise O’Neill: Asking for It
  5. Nell Zink: Nicotine

The Oldest on My Netgalley Shelf 

  1. Philip Hensher: The Emperor Waltz (2014)
  2. Essential Poems by 10 American Poets (2015)
  3. Malcolm Mackay: The Necessary Death of Lewis Winter (2015)
  4. Sarah Leipciger: The Mountain Can Wait (2015)
  5. Patrick Modiano: After the Circus (2016)


21 thoughts on “Joining in #20BooksofSummer”

  1. I like your subdivisions too. Auntie Poldi is a hoot by the way. However t h e Xiaolu Guo is written in English, not translated, and is rather good.

    1. Darn, that spoils my accounting! But I might read it anyway, as I got to meet Xiaolu at an event and we had a good old natter about children’s literature.

  2. Good luck and great list.

    The old Net Galley ones may be grateful for the publicity after a few years. It refreshes the list of book reviews and might help with sales. See, it’s good news for them that you are late, after all.

  3. You have some terrific books there, Marina Sofia. And I especially like the variety of books you’ve chosen. I hope you’ll have a really good experience with them.

  4. Great selection of books. I’ve read Dangerous Crossing and really want to read Bookworm so I’ll be keeping a look out for your reviews. Happy reading 😊

  5. I always love your lists and title suggestions in general; the books are usually new to me.
    I was dismayed to hear about your kindle breaking down–have so much on mine that I would not want to lose. Did you have back up?
    Anyway, your posts are always an inspiration. Now, I read fairly fast, about 2 books a week, at least. But some books obviously take longer than others. Not sure about those 20 books in just 3 months. You are a better reader than I, Marina Sofia!

  6. The purpose behind your twenty books is great – good luck with knocking some of those Netgalley titles off your list; I’m sure you’ll feel great after you’ve done that. A happy summer of reading to you; it looks like you have some fun books ahead.

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