Friday Fun: Hunting Pavilions

I don’t approve of hunting, but I could easily find another purpose in life for these charming pavillons de chasses (hunting pavilions). The Book Club Pavilion maybe?

The unusually shaped pavilion in the Forêt de Dreux. From Wikimedia.
A breakfast pavilion for those hazy summer days in Kassel – maybe to read Enrique Vila-Matas? From
More of a gatehouse than a hunting lodge at Brockenhurst, although I expect they might still do the odd spot of hunting around here.
Sadly neglected, this charming little outhouse of Chateau Blossac. From fundraising page.
The oversized luxury, now a tourist centre from Chassons.
Another renovation project in St Germain-en-Laye, Pavillon de la Muette, from
Another crumbling French beauty from Pinterest.
More of an orangery than a hunting pavilion, in Plas Brondanw in Wales, from
Last but not least, one of the most famous of them all, the Pavillon de Galon in Luberon, France. Renowned not so much for its architecture, as for its gardens. From Regions de France.


6 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Hunting Pavilions”

  1. I’ve reserved my spot at Plas Brondanw. I did fancy Pavillon de Galon but decided I should be patriotic and support a Welsh establishment. Besides which it would easier to get to for my weekends ..

  2. I love those crumbling ones. Imagine restoring them.. Then we come to the Welsh cottage – ready and waiting and almost on the doorstep. But I see there will be competition for that one!

  3. Oh, these are lovely, Marina Sofia. If I had the means, I’d love to restore the building at Chateau Blossac. How absolutely beautiful it could be!

  4. It looks like there will have to be a mass read-in in Wales – because that would be my choice too with its round windows, wobbly steps and lush surrounds.

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