Friday Fun: Dreamy Spaces for Escapologists

Well, we all know where people who have an impregnably clear conscience go, don’t we? Even after they mess up an entire country? To a shepherd’s hut in the back garden, of course.

Not David Cameron’s hut but very similar, to be found at Melody Farm in Cornwall.

Here are some alternative places to hide from public scrutiny. All come with a beautiful view, if you feel like scanning the horizon. Nothing to disturb your peace of mind or make you think of the people you left behind. Very photogenic, too, for when you hire photographers to take pictures of you signing your resignation letters.

The Scholars’ Library in the Forest, designed by Gluck, from Designboom.
This rooftop study gives ivory towers a run for their money. From
Endless space to create or pace around. From Ancram, NY.
Sail away, sail away, sail away… From Decoist.
The modest country house retreat, from
Proving once again that minimalism is a luxury, from
Another place on your isolated island, where no one will ever reach you. From Youtube.

12 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Dreamy Spaces for Escapologists”

  1. The minimalist one would induce panic. I love the Gluck one and the roof top one. Looking out over roof tops is a lovely thing. The shepherd’s hut doesn’t look as if its got any windows which would be horrible although it might be good for concentration I suppose.

  2. Oh, these are all so lovely, Marina Sofia! And they certainly appeal to the escapist fantasies! My choice is the scholar’s library in the forest, but they’re all fabulous.

  3. Either of the two with sea views would suit me – plenty of space inside and out. Such a contrast to my usual suburban dwelling.

  4. Lovely places, really.

    But “Well, we all know where people who have an impregnably clear conscience go, don’t we?” Even if I’ve seen the pictures, a post about dog houses would have been appropriate. That’s where he should stay.

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