Friday Fun: Places for Reading and Relaxing

You might be tempted to read outdoors in this weather, but whether you are afraid of overheating, or don’t want to be come a target for insects, here are some alternatives to reading in the garden.

Everything close to hand with super-comfortable seating. From Decoist.



For the more dreamy amongst you, an indoor hammock is a solution. From Remodelista.
Window seats are always popular, especially with such generous windows. From My Domaine.
The reading nook in the well-stocked library is always a refuge. From Tumblr.
Another home library with comfortable seating, from Pinterest.
Messy but atmospheric, this chateau library from Pinterest.
And if you really can’t stay away from the beautiful outdoors, here is a veranda reading nook, from

13 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Places for Reading and Relaxing”

    1. Ha, ha, yes, hammocks are nicer in theory than in practice. Mind you, we didn’t have two trees close enough together in the garden, so I had to use one of those hammocks with its own stand, and they are even trickier to get in and out of.

  1. Oh, these are all so lovely, Marina Sofia! I could imagine disappearing into a good book in any of them. But the first one – from the Decoist – appeals the most. I love it!

  2. I have a messy but atmospheric reading room. Trouble is I don’t like it. Can’t find a thing ….

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