Friday Fun: Tucked Away Cabins

I could sit and dream, read and think about writing forever in these picturesque landscapes and cabins.

Won’t you join me on the veranda? Cabin in the jungle, from Build Green.
This cabin has ecological credentials and is in fact a proper house, from David Coulson Design.
Never mind the cabin, I could do with this veranda and swing alone. From, copyright: L.M. Ragland
The one with the makeover, from Jenny’s Garden Shed DIY. Jenny, wherever you might be, can you come and do my garden for me? Living
I don’t like roasted marshmallows, but I could imagine campfire stories with friends at this cabin, from The Shiny Squirrel.
Have I ever mentioned how much I like treehouses? From Tumblr.

15 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Tucked Away Cabins”

  1. I would love to be inside most of these cabins/tree houses with a lot of good books, tea and food, no phone, but my laptop would be with me. Then I could read for days without interruption and look at the trees and greenery and birds between chapters.

  2. Oh, these are all so wonderful, Marina Sofia! Can you imagine how much writing we could get done in cabins like these? My choice is the one from Jenny’s, but they’re all lovely and peaceful and tucked away.

  3. Oh these are dreamy, Jenny’s garden shed would suit me perfectly I think. Though I love the shiny squirrel one too. In my running away from the world fantasies I live somewhere similar.

  4. They’re all tempting today, but I think I’d have to go with the rocking chairs on the porch – one for me and one for Tuppence. (Tommy will be inside, sleeping in the sink as usual…)

    1. In the sink? What is he, a waterbaby or a cat? My Zoe wouldn’t be seen dead in a sink…(although she does enjoy a good roll in the shower)

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