Friday Fun: Public and Academic Libraries

Some public libraries make your jaw drop… and others just make you want to drop your bags, sit down for a couple of hours and enjoy all that they have to offer. Libraries have always been one of my favourite places on earth – where I felt safe and quiet, excited and adventurous all at once.

Scripps College Library, Claremont, California.
Library at the Rijksmuseum, from the Rijksmuseum website.
The Royal Portuguese Reading Room in Lisbon is just amazing and atmospheric, picture from Business Insider.
Photographer Thibaud Poirier has created a whole book with pictures of French libraries. This is the BNF Salle Labrouste.
Public library in Stockholm, from CN Traveler.
Of course, if you go to the ‘right schools’ you can get nice libraries too. The not quite public Eton College library.
Let’s appreciate some council libraries before they disappear. Chester Storyhouse library, from Chester Chronicle.



11 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Public and Academic Libraries”

  1. I don’t always comment, but I do enjoy your Friday wanderings. There’s something very special about libraries. I’m enjoying watching them becoming community hubs in our area, just bringing people into contact with books is really important.

  2. Those are just glorious Marina. Libraries are pivotal and if I had to be confined anywhere for the rest of my life, it would be in a library. They’re all lovely, although interestingly enough the one I find least appealing is the Eton one. The Chester library, however, is just lovely!

  3. I love these libraries, Marina Sofia! I couldn’t honestly choose among them, either. They’re all so beautiful. Luckily, the Claremont one is within reasonable striking distance of where I live…

  4. I’m supporting the Chester library, in the same way as I do for my own local public library (which happens to be in a listed building).
    However, if I was ever to find myself near any of the other lovely libraries, I would certainly pop in to admire the architecture and browse the shelves of books.

  5. There are some magnificent libraries around – the old ones have such a great atmosphere that is unbeatable. But I’ve also seen some modern constructions which are phenomenally innovative. One had a real tree growing in the middle and reaching right to the roof. But since I believe passionately in public libraries – and even went to court to protect the one in my village – I would have to vote for Chester

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