Reading Summary for August 2018

13 books this month. Not surprising that a certain proportion of them were women in translation, given that it is #WITMonth, but I also felt tempted to read more women in general, which is reflected in the ratio of women to men: 8 women, 5 men this month. I was also keen to read more foreign authors in general: 11 are either in another language or in translation. My favourite genre remains crime fiction, obviously, with no less than 7 books in this area, but I have also read short stories, diaries and essays this month.

Women in Translation – done a good job of reviewing nearly everything

Lucy Fricke: Daughters  – in German

Teresa Solana: The First Prehistoric Serial Killer and other stories

Beatriz Bracher: I Didn’t Talk 

Anne Holt: Dead Joker 

Lilja Sigurdardottir: Trap

Marina Tsvetaeva: Earthly Signs – Moscow Diaries 1917-22

Veronique Olmi: La Nuit en vérité – in French, review to come possibly at the weekend

Crime Fiction

Tana French: The Trespassers – one of my favourites of the Dublin Squad series because of the prickly, larger than life voice of Antoinette Conway, the main protagonist

Michael Stanley: Dead of Night – standalone about the rhino horn trade in South Africa

Pierre Lemaitre: Inhuman Resources – the most extreme assessment centre you can imagine and the despair of the unemployed, review to come soon on CFL

Antti Tuomainen: Palm Beach Finland – comic noir, review to come soon on CFL

Other Random Reads

Mircea Eliade: The Old Man and the Bureaucrats – an elderly teacher ends up on the wrong side of a totalitarian state when he tries to find an old pupil of his

Norman Manea: The Fifth Impossibility – essays about censorship, the difficulties of translation, living in exile, as well as many Romanian and other authors.

7 thoughts on “Reading Summary for August 2018”

  1. Those are some interesting titles, Marina Sofia. I’ve been meaning to read the Stanley, and Tana French’s Dublin Murder Squad series is terrific. I really like the way she gives the different members of the squad their own voices. Your ‘Random Reads’ got my attention, too. Very interesting variety there.

  2. As usual, a tremendous haul, Marina. I’ve been taking mnotes on some of your WIT titles during the month.

    I’m reading The Trespasser (singular) at the moment. Our opinions on it may differ a bit.

  3. Loved The Trespasser and Antoinette Conway. Among the best of Tana French’s books. Wish she was still writing about the Dublin Murder Squad, but her next book is a stand-alone. Hope it’s as good.

  4. You have read some great books! So nice to know that you read Marina Tsvetaeva! I love her poems! Hope you have a wonderful reading month in September! Happy reading!

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