Friday Fun: Shedworking

One day, when I forget just how cold it gets in the conservatory in winter and how boiling in the summer, and if I will still have a garden, I will also have the perfect little garden shed for my creative endeavours.

This one can apparently be assembled easily, from Leroy Merlin in France.
This one is more atmospheric – I like that semicircular window. From jellysundae.tumblr
Not a shed as such, more of a passageway between two houses or a picturesque way to bridge a gap.
This is very similar to an old tumbledown tools shed that my mother-in-law had adjacent to her house in Athens – except this is the cleaned up version.
Another more romantic treatment of the lowly shed, from
Futuristic shed treatment, complete with a patio for lounging or dining. From
Who needs a shed if you have a pergola – especially if it has hanging vines and grapes? My relatives had the right idea all along, although it wasn’t always as gorgeously decadent. From


10 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Shedworking”

  1. Oh, these are lovely, Marina Sofia! I like the futuristic one, but it’s a bit ‘open’ for my taste. Hmm…I think I’d choose the one that looks like a cleaned-up version of your mother-in-law’s shed in Athens.

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