WWWednesday: What Are You Reading on 5th September 2018?

I only get around to doing it approximately once a month, but here is a lovely meme you might want to take part in, hosted by Sam at Taking on a World of Words. It’s open for anyone to join in and is a great way to share what you’ve been reading! All you have to do is answer three questions and share a link to your blog in the comments section of Sam’s blog.

The three Ws are:

What are you currently reading?

What did you recently finish reading?

What do you think you’ll read next?


After reading Tana French’s latest book, I had a craving for more by her, so I went back to The Secret Place, which I had avoided thus far because it had been described as ‘similar to The Secret History by Donna Tartt’. That was NOT an enticement for me. But fortunately, it is about mixed-up teenagers rather than people in their 20s, so it is much more interesting and poignant. A girls’ boarding school, a boy from the neighbouring boys’ school found murdered on the premises, a case that didn’t yield anything the first time round, but reopens a year later as the youngsters have grown and changed.

The other book which I seem to be taking forever to read is Romain Gary’s Au-delà de cette limite votre ticket n’est plus valable (Your Ticket Isn’t Valid Beyond This Point). Sorry, Emma! I suppose the subject of male midlife crisis is putting me off somewhat, although when I do get to read a chapter or so of it, it is actually very self-deprecating and enjoyable.


Rachel Cusk’s Kudos is the finale to the so-called auto-fiction trilogy and I plan to write a full review at some point, but suffice it to say that it has one of the strangest endings I’ve ever come across: a man urinating in the sea where the narrator is floating.

In one of those strange happenstances that often seem to occur in my reading (clearly my subconscious gets to decide the next read quite often!), the other book I recently finished is also partly auto-fiction. Part -diary, part ideas or observations for writing, and full of memorable stories: Marina Tsvetaeva’s Moscow Diaries


I’ll be travelling with hand luggage only so I should be sensible and take my Kindle and I have The Trailing Spouse by Jo Furniss on that as a bit of light entertainment. Besides, it’s got a beautiful cover, doesn’t it?

However, I’m also tempted to take Bellevue Square by Michael Redhill with me, since it sounds a bit like Vertigo, one of my favourite Hitchcock movies.

Jean lives in downtown Toronto with her husband and two kids. The proud owner of a thriving bookstore, she doesn’t rattle easily not like she used to. But after two of her customers insist they’ve seen her double, Jean decides to investigate. Curiosity grows to obsession and soon Jean s concerns shift from the identity of the woman, to her very own.

What have you been reading lately? No, you won’t tempt me. Especially since I took a whole bunch of books to Waterstones for the ‘Buy Back Books’ scheme and got the risible sum of £1.53 for those they did accept (that includes 9 p for a signed copy of Jo Nesbo’s Blood on Snow).


15 thoughts on “WWWednesday: What Are You Reading on 5th September 2018?”

  1. The Redhill tempts me, too, Marina Sofia. I can see why you’d want to read that one. And I’m not surprised you were drawn to the French. I think she is very, very talented, and she’s very good at weaving her novels together as a ‘package’ without taking away from those readers who don’t start at the beginning.

  2. I love The Secret History, and this one is my favorite of Tana French’s. I think the only part about the two that is even vaguely similar is that the setting is in a school. Whoever made that comparison didn’t understand either novel very well, in my opinion. 😌

  3. This is the second time since Elle from Elle Thinks recommended it to me, only last week, that The Secret Place has popped up. The blogosphere seems to be telling me something!

  4. Ive not heard of that Waterstones scheme but with the prices that low it’s not really worth the effort of lugging the books to the nearest branch is it. They could come up with a better incentive I think

  5. I do love Tana French and The Secret Place is probably my favourite of them all – I really enjoyed the school setting which I thought she captured well and gave the reader a dash of dark humour to spice the whole thing up!

  6. My favorite Tana French is The Trespasser. Then In the Woods, The Likeness and Faithful Place.
    I am reading Shadow Child and A Stranger in My House. Finished David Rosenfelt’s hilarious legal mystery, “Rescued,” after reading Mary Torjussen’s “The Girl I Once Was.”
    Somehow these “girl books” are read by me in August.
    And have a slew of books to read including a nonfiction book by Kate Harris about her and a friend’s bike trip through the Silk Road.

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