Friday Fun: Farewell to the Summer Lifestyle

This past week I’ve had to dig out our duvets once more, but let’s pretend that we can live outside forever in the Northern hemisphere. Maybe, in a few years, we will, courtesy of climate change… Additional bonus this time: accents in my favourite colour, turquoise-blue.

I’ll just read here by the pool and watch you swim, darling… From Architectural Digest Magazine Germany.


This modest little veranda and open house in St. Barts from Gaia Health Blog.
Veranda in Provence – it’s all about the dining. From Plus Google.
Spanish version of the veranda, in Planete Deco.
Bring all your friends to this one! From Pinterest.
Just sail away and return to this veranda from Coup de Pouce.
You don’t need the sea to be happy on your veranda, although a pet helps. From


10 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Farewell to the Summer Lifestyle”

  1. I love turquoise, too, Marina Sofia!!And these places all look so lovely and inviting. My vote is the for the one at St. Bart’s, but they’re all wonderful.

    1. Sadly, autumn seems to have arrived in England. At least we have sunshine, but I need to wear a cardigan now. I enjoyed a hot few days in Vienna though, the open-air pools were still open.

  2. Too many cushions…. these things do get dirty in open air and you have to wash them…. Thus spake the lazy bum.

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