Friday Fun: Glorious Bookshelves to Cosy Up In

Back to school, back to work, back to reading amidst all the glorious bookshelves. Here are some to inspire you, including my favourite house ever, built specifically around the owners’ book collection. Who wouldn’t commission that, if they had the money?

Casa Ricart in Valencia, Spain, built by Gradoli + Sanz architects.
Another angle of this house that I can’t get enough of…
Books are dusty and will cause you asthma, my mother said when I wanted a bedroom like that. From Fairy Oak Instagram.
If you’re in a tight spot, bookshelves on staircases always work. From Francesa Mantovani.
Sometimes the books are more important than the actual stairs, from Max Wan Architects and Urbanists.
Another bed design, although perhaps more of a day bed. From Pinterest,
A comfy reading chair is always a good idea – but what’s with that space on the shelves? From Vila Spider Hawk.
Finally, a bookshop which occupies a whole little alleyway, Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay.



15 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Glorious Bookshelves to Cosy Up In”

  1. How unusual – there appears to be curtains rather than canopies on the outside of the windows in the courtyard in the first photo. [Listening to storm Bronagh following hot on the heels of storm Ali, I don’t think they would last long in the UK 🙂 ].

    1. I think it’s sliding doors. We used to have that going out onto the patio in France and it made the room completely open in summer (lots of insects buzzing in though, and small lizards).

  2. I have to rule out anything that has a spiral staircase or open tread stairs – they give me vertigo. I’m rather partial to that Valencia abode – a wonderful room of books plus a gorgeous tree.

  3. Oh, these are all mouth-watering, Marina Sofia! Each one! I would love a bedroom like the Fairy Hawk one, with book-lined walls. Bliss….

  4. As always, the first two priorities are books and felines, the latter being more flexible and fit anywhere, the human comes last but the books, oh the books come first!

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