Friday Fun: University Libraries

The students are back and the university libraries are full once more. Here are a few where I wouldn’t mind spending some time, although perhaps without the studying.

Wills Memorial Library at the University of Bristol.
Newport City campus library.
The Maughan Library at Kings College London.
The University of Leeds also favours the domed round approach.
The new library at Royal Holloway overlooks the beautiful Founders’ Building.
Duke Humfreys Library in Oxford.
LIbrary in Trinity College in Cambridge.




10 thoughts on “Friday Fun: University Libraries”

  1. Beautiful! Almost makes me wish I was studying again 😉 I’ve been in the Maughan and the Duke Humphreys but the others look wonderful. The more old-fashioned ones appeal to me more (I can smell the books!) but the modern ones have done some great things with the spaces.

  2. Such lovely, lovely libraries, Marina Sofia! What beautiful places to lose oneself… I couldn’t possibly choose among them, either, and usually, I do have a preference one way or the other when you do your ‘Friday Fun’ posts. Not this time. I won’t be greedy and say, ‘All of them.’ How about, ‘Choose one for me and let me take up residence.’

  3. Several years ago I used to travel regularly from York to Leeds to do some research for my undergrad thesis in the university library. My main memory is that it was cold. Cold to start with, freezing after a couple of hours. I hope it’s improved since then!

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