Friday Fun: In a Classical Library Frame of Mind

After the joy of university libraries, let’s turn to those well-stocked (or at least, well-designed) personal libraries. While you coo over them, I will try and see if I can stop the books sliding off my chest of drawers…

Perfect for book clubs, from Pinterest.
Another manly library where the Man on my MFA can pontificate about books, from Design Chic.
Fireplace and two desks, what more might you ask for? Perhaps slightly nicer curtains… From

Finally, a more feminine take on libraries, from A Girl and Her Pearl on Tumblr.
This has ‘Do not Disturb’ written all over it, from Content in a Cottage – although clearly more than a cottage!
Another classic Southern library – I wonder who dusts the busts up at the very top? From Southern Living.
Finally: never mind a walk-in closet, I want a walk-in library! From Pinterest.

7 thoughts on “Friday Fun: In a Classical Library Frame of Mind”

  1. That walk-in closet library would be a dream come true. On the other hand, if I had access to too many books and too easily, I’d probably have lost out on the fun of painstakingly acquiring used books β€” and comic-books β€” through the years.

  2. If I had a walk-in closet, I would certainly think of converting it to a library. This would also work really well for children’s books, as they would love to hide away in a large cupboard to read.
    Still trying to work out what that is on the ceiling at the front of the picture that looks like a rolled up rug!

  3. I want a walk-in library, too, Marina Sofia! But, actually, my choice would be that library-in-a-cottage. It’s absolutely lovely, and just begs for a reader to curl up there.

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