Friday Fun: Beautiful Misc

I love the word ‘miscellaneous’ and I love what it represents, so here is a beautiful mix of interior design elements that I hope will inspire you as much as they did me!

Impeccably organised living room, for music and book lovers. From Tumblr.
Chateau Dazaye-Rideau on the Loire Valley, from Jarrod Castaing.
Abandoned villa in Thessaloniki, Greece, from V Light Photography
Pure escapism on Laucala Island Resort, from
Missed opportunity to turn that window seat into a reading nook and far too much space on the shelves, but yes, a nice home library. From Rose Pingouin.
And, to end on a squeee note, a spotted piglet. From

6 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Beautiful Misc”

  1. I need to live in that chateau, because it has a moat and round towers. I’ve wanted a round room since visiting a converted historic gatehouse as a child, and a moat is indispensable for privacy 🙂

  2. Oh, that piglet is so cute!! And I do love that living room with all of those lovely books and CDs. What a lovely place to spend time. Thanks for sharing, Marina Sofia.

  3. I think I know that Thessaloniki villa! Well, there are quite a few derelict villas east of downtown.

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